Privacy Policy

The NOTA Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 26, 2016

The NOTA campaign is committed to protecting your privacy. The following information is provided to help you understand how this site and our campaign use your personal information.

Information that you provide to us

Frequently, we will ask you to "join" our campaign. If you choose to subscribe to our email list or donate money to our campaign, you will be providing us with certain pieces of personal information. In subscribing to our email updates, for example, you will be asked for your name, email address, and ZIP code. This information is collected so that we can better communicate with you about the campaign. This information, in particular your ZIP code, is used in the aggregate to better understand how our campaign can reach out to the voting public. This information is gathered by MailChimp, the tool we used to send out our email updates; you can read their own privacy policy on their website. Neither we nor MailChimp will sell or provide this information to any third party.

If you choose to send a campaign contribution, you will also be providing us with certain personal information such as your name and mailing address. Legally, cash contributions can only be accepted in amounts of $100 or less (when all your contributions are taken together). Any contribution greater than $100 must be made using a personal check or credit card. For total donations greater than $200, the Federal Elections Commission requires that we try to gather additional information about you, including your address, occupation, and employer. Information we gather from your donations will be 1) kept private and secure; 2) not shared with any other company or service; and 3) used only for communicating with you and understanding our campaign supporters in the aggregate. The only exception to this is information we must disclose in order to follow United States campaign finance regulations. Once your contributions exceed $200 we are required to report information to the FEC. This information, along with the contributions made to ALL candidates and their campaigns, is available for the public to view on the FEC website. More information can be found on our Donate page.

Information that is gathered when you visit our website

This site uses a tool known as Google Analytics. We do this so that we can better understand who is visiting our site. Some of the information that gets gathered is information your computer passes along to every website you visit—things like the IP address of your computer (which can give a rough estimate of geographic location and can help identity who your internet service provider is), what operating system and browser you're using, how large your screen is, and how you arrived at the website in question. This information can be helpful because it lets us tell the difference between someone who visits our site 10 times versus 10 different people who each visit once.

Our site also uses Google Analytics' "Demographics and Interests" feature. This provides us with "best guesses" about the age, gender, and interests of those who visit our campaign site—information which can help us better strategize how to get the NOTA message to demographic groups who might not have learned about us yet. Google gathers this information by looking at how you interact with information and advertising on other sites that also use Google's tools.

To help make all this communication possible, Google Analytics uses "cookies." These are small text files that your web browser stores on your computer (here is one site where you can learn more about cookies). While the cookies that get used for Google Analytics are secure and record your information in an anonymous way, if you choose to turn-off cookies in your web browser, you can still experience this site as it was intended.

The information gathered and tracked by Google Analytics is entirely anonymous, is stored in Google's systems (not ours), and is used for creating aggregate statistical reports about site visitors. If you have also provided us with personal information (see the section above), that information is entirely unrelated to Google Analytics data about your visiting our site.

Further information about how Google Analytics works

Google maintains an excellent page about security, privacy, and its Analytics tools. to learn more, visit:

Links to other sites

This site may contain links to articles, research, and information on other websites. The NOTA campaign is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these other sites. If you leave our site and visit another that asks for personally identifiable information, we suggest that you carefully read the site's privacy statement in order to understand how your data will be protected and used.

Your information, your privacy

If at any point in the future you wish to have your personal information removed from our records, please send an email to privacy @ We will try to honor your request as soon as possible.

Updates to this policy

From time to time, revisions or updates may be made to the privacy policies displayed on this page. For any minor changes, we will inform you of them on our site's updates page. If the changes to the policies are more substantial, we also send out information via our email update list and other avenues of communication.