Campaign Updates

We're in the Norwegian Press!

Tuesday October 18 @ 12:00pm EDT

Our campaign is reaching the other side of the world! Many thanks to Kjetil Hanssen, a reporter for the largest newspaper in…

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Utah: We Need Boots on the Ground

Friday September 2 @ 8:00pm EDT

The deadline for write-in candidates in Utah is soon: Friday September 9. As a state, Utah had not been on our priority list because of a unique requirement—candidacy paperwork needs to be filed in person with the Lieutenant Governor's office. But we've been thinking...

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Strategy Update: early September states

Friday September 2 @ 12:00pm EDT

A handful of states have their filing deadlines in the next few weeks: Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Montana. If you reside in any of those states and you're interested in being an elector, please contact us as soon as possible.

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New video: Am I Crazy?

Thursday July 21 @ 12:00pm EDT

We've posted another NOTA Minute video. To keep it short, we're breaking it into two parts. In the video I talk about why people automatically think you're crazy if you run for president.

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Strategy Update: Colorado on the horizon

Saturday July 9 @ 8:00pm EDT

Next up on the deadline calendar is the state of Colorado, whose paperwork is due Thursday July 21. If you're interested in being an elector, please contact us as soon as possible. Write-in forms in Colorado require the signature of the electors as well as those of the candidates, so there's no time to waste.

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Why we need better nominations

Wednesday June 29 @ 8:00pm EDT

This post was originally a response to a message on Facebook. While the nominations process is not something we're campaigning on, I felt compelled to offer an explanation of why it's poor reasoning to fall back on the system of primaries and caucuses to defend forcing people to vote for the two major party candidates.

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Strategy Update: Focus on Indiana; NM is out

Wednesday June 29 @ 11:00am EDT

A week ago we identified our first "Priority" states. We've modified that list slightly. New Mexico has been taken off the priority list (click the "Read More" to learn why), and Indiana is now the state we are focusing on. If you know of anyone who would like to serve as a NOTA elector in Indiana, please contact us immediately.

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New video: Your Vote is Meaningless!

Tuesday June 28 @ 12:00pm EDT

We've released another video today, the first in a series we're calling "NOTA Minute." We're hoping to be able to release a series of these videos on a more regular basis.

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Campaign Strategy Update

Wednesday June 22 @ 12:00pm EDT

Unfortunately, a write-in campaign isn't as easy as just writing in a name. In many states write-in candidates must file paperwork to be recognized.

We're announcing the first set of states we're focusing on: Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, and New Mexico.

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"None of the Above" for President!

Wednesday June 1 @ 6:30pm EDT

After months of preparation, we are excited to announce our "None of the Above" campaign for the office of President of the United States. Please explore our site, learn more, and join us!

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