A campaign of, by, and for the people.

To be most successful, this campaign needs your vote AND your help. Below, we've listed a few ideas about how you can lend a hand.

Spread the word

Perhaps the biggest challenge we face is a lack of awareness. Most people have never thought about casting a "none of the above" vote. And those who have heard of the idea usually misunderstand NOTA and why it's important for the health of our democracy. Ever heard someone say "aren't you just throwing your vote away?"

If you believe in our cause, become a NOTA ambassador. Let your friends, family, and co-workers know that there can be an alternative to the names they see on the ballot. Talk to your neighbors or the person in line next to you at the coffee shop. Direct people to our website. Like and share our Facebook page and tweets. Help our videos go viral.

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Serve as an elector

The Electoral College is one of the least understood parts of our political system. It may seem like a relic from the past, but it's still very important. Technically, the President and Vice President are chosen by the members of the Electoral College. Those "presidential electors" get that privilege as a result of each state's general election. But who are those electors?

In each state, each candidate chooses a group of citizens to be their "slate" of electors. The "winning" candidate's slate becomes their state's members of the Electoral College.

One of the best ways to help is by volunteering to be part of the NOTA slate for your state. If you're interested or want to learn more, please get in touch as soon as you can.

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Help choose a Vice President

This campaign is about an idea, not about any one person. Unfortunately ideas can't run for office and most states require write-in campaigns to identify both their presidential and vice presidential candidates.

That means the campaign needs to find a potential vice president. If you have someone in mind who meets the legal qualifications (a natural-born U.S. citizen; at least 35 years old; has resided in the U.S. at least 14 years), please let us know.

Any nominee must support the NOTA concept first and foremost and not see this as an opportunity for partisan promotion. Finally, because our presidential candidate lives in Michigan, a little known constitutional provision requires the vice president nominee to be from a different state.

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Share your ideas

While there may be one central idea at the heart of this campaign, there are plenty of opportunities for you to shape the course of the campaign and the future of the "none of the above" movement. Do you have an idea for how we can do a better job of reaching out to voters? What other policy areas do you think NOTA ideals have an impact on?

Even though ours is essentially a protest campaign, there is the chance we could win. If that were to happen, we'd have the challenge of filling roughly 3000 appointed positions throughout the federal government as well as a large number of staff positions within the Executive Office of the President.

So, have a thought, idea, or name to share? Let us know. We value your contributions.

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Consider making a donation

When money and politics are discussed together, the conversation usually focuses on large, anonymous donations made by corporations, PACs, or wealthy donors. Big money, however, is not the only kind of money.

Our campaign can benefit greatly from any contribution you can make. While federal law limits you to giving a maximum of $2700 to our campaign, a donation of even $10 or $20 can help the NOTA message reach even more voters.

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